Voltage to the Backfield


Melvin Gordon is a Pro Bowl running back who’s currently on the trade block if he isn’t paid. Earlier in the offseason, Adam Schefter said that Melvin Gordon would sit out training camp if he wasn’t signed to a new deal. Gordon is sticking to that plan and I doubt that he’ll choose to sit out the season like Le’Veon Bell did last season. The Chicago Bears could come out as primary candidates for the runner. However, the Bears seem very confident in their Run DMC trio of Mike Davis, David Montgomery, and Tarik Cohen. And after trading for Khalil Mack, Anthony Miller, and David Montgomery, the Bears don’t have much draft capital to really give up. According to Spotrac, the Bears have about $17 mil in cap space. Still, draft capital and money wouldn’t mean much if it gave you a Super Bowl team. There’s no doubt that Gordon’s skill set would benefit the Bears offense. Then again, Gordon only had one season with 1,000 rushing yards. So would it really be worth it to acquire Gordon? Either way, let’s go through some trade options.

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David Montgomery and 2021 5th Round Pick for Melvin Gordon:

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Trading away Montgomery for Gordon is a great replacement option for both teams. The Bears would be replacing their used draft pick and a future late rounder for Gordon. This would give the Chargers a talented back who’s ready to play and doesn’t have to be given a large contract. It also gives them draft capital later for the next season. The main question is what can Gordon do that Montgomery can’t? Well, Gordon is already an NFL player and we’ve seen what he can do. He’s a decent receiver in the backfield with 50 receptions and 63 targets. As previously mentioned, Gordon has only had one rushing season with over 1,000 yards. It turns out that was Gordon’s only season where he played 16 games. So can Gordon stay healthy for a whole season? Missing one or two games is one thing, but missing four games is a lot. Gordon’s injuries have been from hip and knee injuries to a torn MCL last year. Montgomery’s injury list only included a day-to-day arm injury. Montgomery still has the possibility of being a bust like any other rookie. And if Gordon can stay healthy for most of the season, the Chicago Bears would benefit from this trade.


Kyle Long, Prince Amukamara, and 2020 7th Round Pick for Melvin Gordon and 2021 3rd Round Pick:

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The Chargers have a roster similar to the Bears in which the team has barely any weaknesses. But the Bears could actually help fill in those weaknesses. The Chargers are lacking at cornerback and right tackle. Long has experience at the tackle position, after making the Pro Bowl as one in 2015. Since that season, Long has been struggling to stay healthy missing almost half the season every year since then. But when he’s healthy, Long is a Pro Bowl player. Amukamara is a great force to have in the secondary. Tagging him with Casey Hayward would benefit the Chargers and give them a better secondary. The problem with this is can the backups step it up and be solid starters. Alex Bars is reunited with his college coach, Harry Hiestand, so that seems likely that he can step it up. Duke Shelley would probably get the call if Skrine is the nickelback. Getting rid of Amukamara and Long would also save around $7 mil in cap space before signing Gordon to a contract. 

Tarik Cohen and David Montgomery for Melvin Gordon:

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This could be a dark-horse option for the Bears, but could also be a great one. With Gordon as a dual-threat running back, Cohen would be used less on offense and mainly for special teams. The Chicago Bears have a lot of depth for kick/punt returners with Cordarrelle Patterson, Marvin Hall Jr. Kerrith White, and Emmanuel Hall. The Chargers would get a receiver/returner out of Cohen and a runner out of Montgomery. In exchange, the Bears would get a dual-threat in the backfield, something they haven’t had since Matt Forte.